Faculty Affinity Groups


Affinity group meeting schedule


Affinity group meeting or workshop Aims & goals Time & location
A patient-centered medical home model to prevent diabetes at the Mission Neighborhood Health Center in
San Francisco, CA

Mariana Leal Ferreira
We propose to study the feasibility of implementing a patient-centered medical home model at the Mission Neighborhood Health Center in San Francisco, CA. The goal is to improve the sustained control of expensive to treat chronic conditions, such as diabetes, in safety net populations. This community-based participatory health model would mobilize patients and their families to help develop an intervention whose outcome would be a series of educational activities and materials about diabetes that address its multiple causes, in ways that are medically supported and culturally sensitive to the community.
Library 40E
Asian/Asian American
Art Institute

Wei Ming Dariotis
Asian American Studies
The goal of this group meeting will be to create a consortium of faculty interested in Asian and Asian American Art. Potential activities may include writing a grant to form an Asian/Asian American Art Institute at SFSU, possibly with a corresponding Festival.
Library 40A
Building Coalition to Support Immigrant Students
Ali Borjian
Elementary Education
Educators are ever more important in responding to the needs of immigrant students in California schools. Understanding the complexities of immigrant experiences is one step forward in supporting the educational goals of immigrant students. Faculty and staff are invited to come together to discuss immigration issues across the globe and the extent to which those issues are incorporated in our courses. We will also discuss how we can help each other in examining our curricula, instruction, as well as other support systems on campus that work to enhance the educational experiences of immigrant students at SFSU. 1:00 - 3:00 PM
Library 244
Cancer Self-management in
Minority Patients

Fang-yu Chou


Discuss ideas to develop a research proposal: Development of intervention for cancer self-management in minority patients Library 40C
Center to Close the Achievement Gap (CCAG) Research Group
Patricia Irvine
Graduate College of Education
CCAG faculty will identify a research site at a local high-poverty, high performing school district for spring semester, plan the research trip, identlfy funding sources and draft a research proposal. Library 40K
Culturally Sensitive Care for Asian Immigrants with Cardiovascular Diseases
Wen-Wen Li
The goal of this group meeting is to brainstorm a creative, culturally sensitive care intervention to improve cardiovascular health (e.g., metabolic syndrome) in Asian immigrants.
Library 40F
Engaging Diaspora Communities
Cristina Azocar
To discuss collaborative programming or courses focusing on both international news and coverage of issue in immigrant/Diaspora communities. Representatives from International Relations, Cinema and Journalism departments will be involved. Others are invited. Library 222
Health Communication
Research Group

Christina Sabee
Communication Studies
-To encourage and support research related to communication and healthcare.
-To foster cross-disciplinary relationships for research in health and communication.
-To facilitate community connections and applied work with health communication across disciplines and interest areas.
Library 281
Health-Outdoor Recreation-Physical Activity
Patrick Tierney
Recreation, Parks, Tourism


Our interest is to explore collaborative interdisciplinary research opportunities and scholarship in the areas of health-outdoor recreation-physical activity on and off campus.

9:30 - 10:45 AM
Library 40J


Investigation into the Impact of Community-Wide Promotions on Neighborhood Small Businesses: The Case of the America's Cup and Youth Cup Races in San Francisco in Summer 2013
Colin Johnson
Hospitality and Tourism Management


1. to investigate small business owner behavior regarding community-level promotions and its resulting economic outcomes
2. to provide San Francisco State University students an opportunity to create and implement marketing programs for small businesses and business communities
3. to provide sales promotion support to the City of San Francisco and its community business districts during the races
Library 40H
Latino Education Progress Working Group
Host: Belinda I Reyes
In less than ten years Latinos will become the largest ethnic population in California and one of the largest in the nation. The Obama Administration as well as a number of national foundations, such as Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Lumina Foundation for Education, and the Kresge Foundation, have made Latino college completion a priority in their work.
The purpose of this group is to:
• Examine the profile of Latino students at SFSU and their educational progress.
• Review programs at SFSU to build on the strengths and leverage what we have on campus, while examining promising approaches that could be implemented in our campus.
• Identify partnerships and opportunities for research.
• Bring the wider university and local community into a dialogue about how best to serve Latino students.
• Develop mechanism for coordination, exchange of ideas and information sharing about funding opportunities, resources, and models to better serve Latino students.
12:00  - 2:00 PM
Library 284


LGBTQ Scholars Network
Mickey Eliason


To bring together scholars doing research and teaching related to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning and other sexual minority identities. 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Library 240A
NSF ADVANCE Grant Proposal - WISE Meeting
Strategic Planning Workshop
Carmen Domingo
The goal is to bring together a group of female science faculty interested in putting together an NSF ADVANCE grant proposal to be submitted next Fall 2013. See weblink for details on the RFA.
Library 40G
Neuromotor Rehabilitation
David Anderson
Our aim is to bring together researchers who are interested in developing rehabilitation strategies for patients with brain trauma or disabilities that compromise movement control. We plan to explore innovative, inter-disciplinary approaches to rehabilitation and motor re-learning. We also intend to explore the development of an inter-disciplinary thematic emphasis area for graduate students in kinesiology and engineering (and other majors) who are interested in rehabilitation engineering. Our budding group currently includes faculty members from kinesiology, engineering, physical therapy, and computer science. 12:15 - 2:00 PM
Library 40M
Online and Interactive? Transforming the Social Science/Humanities Classroom in an Online Experience
Amy Skonieczny
International Relations
Can online classes reflect the pedagogical commitments of the humanities and social sciences? Can interaction, activities, writing/review and discussion be represented in the online universe? Our group will bring together both experienced online professors and those who are interested in transitioning traditional classes into online experiences. Our aim is to assess, learn and reflect on online teaching in the humanities and social sciences and to draw on others’ experiences to improve the online classroom for our students. Join us in learning from one another as the world of online teaching opens up at SFSU! Library 40B
Public Policy Research Group
Sheldon Gen &
Amy Conley Wright
The Public Policy Research Group is a community of SF State scholars who conduct policy-relevant research. This can range from theoretical explorations of policy making processes to applied analyses of the efficacy of policies and programs. It also includes all areas of policy issues, such as environment, healthcare, family welfare, education, public finance, housing, etc. The group supports its members' research with project development, peer review, collaborations, and grant opportunities. This meeting will review the group's accomplishments and progress, and welcome new members. All faculty who conduct policy-relevant research are welcomed to explore this group.

12:15 - 2:00 PM
Library 285

San Francisco State Social Enterprise Affinity Group
Marc Krizack
The San Francisco State Social Enterprise is a group of faculty and staff across multiple disciplines who wish to promote real world social entrepreneurship at San Francisco State University.  We plan to bring together scholars and practitioners of social entrepreneurship in an effort to study and launch a social enterprise with the possible support and financial backing of the University Corporation and outside sources.  Our concept is motivated by existing social enterprises such as Whirlwind Wheelchair International and One Laptop per Child, university-based design and development programs that have created world class social enterprises to address needs in the developing world.  Our goal is to use the resources and activity of SF State and its students and faculty to generate products and services that can be marketed through a private social enterprise that returns a percentage of profits to SF State to support the programs that generated them. 12:30 - 3:30 PM
Library 282
Sexuality, Gender, Race, and Representation
Ed McCaughan


Explore interest in forming a writing group or other forums for those working at the intersections of sexuality, gender, race, and representation (in the arts and popular culture, broadly defined) 1:00 - 4:00 PM
Library 242
Urban Ecology Affinity Group
Jennifer Blecha
The goal of this new group is for faculty with research and teaching interests in both the social and bio-physical aspects of urban ecology.
Specific issues might include urban planning, environmental justice & health, urban vegetation & microclimates, bicycles & public transit, climate change mitigation & adaptation, urban agriculture & food systems, watershed issues & water capture, zero waste, green building design, sprawl & urban-wildland interface, and related subjects.  We will begin to build connections across campus and brainstorm potential collaborations, including physical-social science collaborations that are needed to solve problems of urban sustainability and equity.

12:15 - 1:30 PM

Library 221

Womanist and
Masculinity Research

Dorothy Tsuruta
Africana Studies
Aim: To work intensively together as Africana-centered scholars in the Arts and Behavioral Sciences, conceptualizing theory specific to Africana-centered womanism and masculinity; explore, identify, develop a prospectus for a group publication, as informed by the gathered scholars' work advancing a culturally informed original treatise.
Goal: To create the scope and design for a publication that meets the need for an Africana-centered definitive work in Black womanism and Black masculinity, as excited by Africana cultural ingenuity in all aspects of life, as made clear, for example, in African-centered independence in self-identification and definition.
Library 40D
'Zines, Graphic Novels
and Other Hybrid Forms

Maxine Chernoff,
Creative Writing &
Gail Dawson,
Text and image combined have a long history. Medieval books of hours, tapestries, and almanacs presented text and information together with diagrams and illustrations to convey specific meaning. Artists’ sketchbooks, most famously, those of Leonardo Da Vinci, use text and images to envision other works and become in and of themselves, the work. The nineteenth century poet, painter and printmaker, William Blake wrote and illustrated his stories and philosophy. In the more recent past, graphic novels, comics and ‘zines, once considered marginal to both literature and fine art, have become recognized in the canon, exemplified by the works artists such as Roy Lichtenstein, Raymond Pettibone, and Russell Crotty. The group will explore interest in and possibilities of creating a graduate level course or courses that combine visual forms and text.

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Library 40L